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Planetary Healing by ExistenceNeptuneMore music by Existence

Diameter: 49 528 km (3.88 x the Earth's)
Distance from the Sun:
4 498.25 million km
Average surface temperature:
-214 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac:

165 years
Discovered in 1846 by Johann Galle.
Neptune has a faint planetary ring system of unknown composition and 13 known moons. It mainly consists of about 80 % hydrogen (H2), about 19 % helium (He) and about 1.5 % methane (CH4).
Neptune is as 'ice giant' the fourth of the gas giants (see Uranus).
The eighth planet from the Sun, Neptune was the first planet located through mathematical predictions rather than through regular observations of the sky. It is invisible to the naked eye because of its extreme distance from Earth. Interestingly, due to Pluto's unusual elliptical orbit, Neptune is actually the farthest planet from the Sun for a 20-year period out of every 248 Earth years.

Frequency: 211.44 Hz
Sound: Close to G#
Effect: Intuition and visionary perception, dreams, brings up the unconscious from the depth of the soul.
Body: From the soles, especially around the feet, up to the buttocks.

Neptune is the god of the sea in Roman mythology.
He is analogous but not identical to the god Poseidon of Greek mythology. God of the seas, earthquakes and fertility.
Our supersensory side, revealing mystical experience and the transcendental where it is difficult to distinguish between oneself and the other. On this level it is hard to discern where perception moves into deception, illusion and false appearances, and so Neptune is associated with all of these, with drugs and all kinds of pseudo-realities.
Star sign equivalent: Pisces (water element) - with Jupiter, which was supposed to rule this house before Neptune was discovered.
Astrological house: 12th (with Jupiter).

Neptune stays about 14 years in the same sign. At the moment he is passing aquarius and will start to enter pisces in 2011.

Central themes: Spirituality, supernatural perceptions, longing, inspiration, sacrifice, illusion, phantasy, temptation, beyond boundaries, limits don't seem to exist, high sensitivity, escapism, dissolving.
Body: Feet, Pineal gland, lymphatic system.
Character of diseases associated:
Can indicate misdiagnosis, problems with drugs or alcohol, a lack of tone, an unusual disease, a virus infection, allergies.
Plants: Water lily, willow
Animals: Marine life, fish
Minerals: Moonstone, fluorite, amethyst, jade, sugilite
Metal: Neptunium, platinum
Colours: Soft sea-green
Archetype: The mystic




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