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Planetary Healing by ExistenceJupiterMore music by Existence

Diameter: 142 878 km (11.2 x the Earth's)
Distance from the Sun:
778.4 million km
Average surface temperature:
-148 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac:

11.9 years
Jupiter has 63 moons (two of them are bigger than the planet Mercury), one faint ring and consists mainly of 86% hydrogen (H2) and 13 % helium. As one of the four gas giants he is not primarily composed of solid matter.
Jupiter is the most massive planet in our solar system. With four planet-sized moons "the Galilean satellites" and many smaller moons, he forms a kind of miniature solar system. Jupiter resembles a star in composition.

Frequency: 183.58 Hz
Sound: Close to F#
Effect: Creativity and inner growth, concerning the 'inner search'.
Body: Head, throat and hips.
Chakra: Activates the third eye chakra (6th / Ajna chakra) and the principle of creativity.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter, son of Saturn, held the same role as Zeus in the Greek pantheon as protector of human mankind, granting victory, justice, freedom and order. He was the patron deity of the Roman state, in charge of laws and social order, the light sky and the weather. (see also Saturn).
The search for individual meaning and purpose, optimism, hope and a sense of justice are represented by Jupiter. Also faith, a basic philosophy of life, the striving for spiritual growth and expansion.
Star sign equivalent: Sagittarius (fire element) - and Pisces (water element) - together with Neptune.
Astrological house: 9th - and 12th (together with Neptune). Jupiter stays about 1 year in the same sign.
Central themes: Confidence, belief, the meaning of life, growth, fortune, wellfare, prosperity, philosophy, luck, dignity, success, optimism, generosity, fairness, justice, the teacher who teaches by giving (compare Saturn).
Body: Liver, thighs, cell growth, fat depots, hips, loins.
Character of diseases associated:
Liver disorders, diseases of expansion and excess (also sun), back pains, varicose veins, inflammation of the lungs, palpitations and trembling of the heart, cramps, pain in the back-bone.
Cloves and clove-sugar, mace, nutmeg, the herb balsam, flax, arsesmart, fumitory, lungwort, pimpernel, wallwort, oregano or wild marjoram, selfheal, borage, bugloss, wheat, willow-herb, thorough-leaf, laskwort, liverwort, basil, peony, mastic, feversend, saffron.
Food plants: Vegetables such as sage, leeks; asparagus; rhubarb, pomegranates, mints, liquorice, and fruits such as strawberries and the currants and raisins.
Flowers: Gilly-flower, violets, betony, centaury, daisies, gand similar flowers.
Trees: Lime, birch, mulberry, ash, oak, birch, maple trees, cherry-tree, birch-tree, coral-tree, barberries, olive, gooseberries, almond-tree, the ivy, manna, mace, the vine, the fig-tree, the ash, the pear-tree, the hazel, the beech-tree, the pine.
Medical plants: Cinquefoil, hyssop, red roses, henbane.

Animals: Large animals generally, elephants, racehorses, horses generally, animals with valuable fur.
Minerals: Amethyst, the sapphire, the smarage or emerald, hyacinth, topaz, sodalite, lapis lazuli, crystal, bezoar, marble, freestone.
Metal: Tin
Colours: Sea-green or blue, royal blue, purple, ash-colour, a mixed yellow and green.
Archetype: The high priest
Angel: Zadkiel
Day of the week: Thursday




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