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Planetary Healing by ExistenceMore music by Existence

Diameter: 51 118 km (4 x the Earth's)
Distance from the Sun:
2 870.97 million km
Average surface temperature:
-216 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac:

84 years
Discovered in 1781 by William Herschel.
Uranus has a faint planetary ring system, composed of dark particulate matter up to ten meters in diameter.

It mainly consists of 83% hydrogen (H), 15 % helium (He) and 1.9 % Methane (CH4) and is an ice giant, which is a subspecies of the gas giants, as it is mostly composed of ice and rock as well as gases.

Uranus has been revealed as a dynamic world with some of the brightest clouds in the outer solar system and 11 rings. With no solid surface, it is one of the gas giant planets (the others are Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune).

When Uranus didn't travel exactly as astronomers expected it to, a French mathematician proposed the position and mass of another as yet unknown planet that could cause the observed changes to Uranus' orbit, which finally lead to the discovery of Neptune.

Frequency: 207.36 Hz
Sound: Close to G#
Effect: Independence and new ideas, sudden inspiration, letting go of overcome boundaries and securities.
Body: From the feet up to the buttocks, calfs, but also the fore head.
Chakra: Activates the third eye chakra (6th / Ajna chakra) and the principle of Sudden changes and innovation.

Uranus (Roman), Ouranos (Greek) - the sky, and his wife Gaia (the earth), are the ancestors of most of the Greek/Roman Gods. Uranus symbolizes creativity and a higher perspective. (See also Saturn).
Intuition, sudden inspiration and lightning insights and an openness for all that is new, unknown and unusual. A sort of wrong-headed contrariness is also associated with this planet.
Star sign equivalent: Aquarius (air element).
Astrological house: 11th (with Saturn, who was supposed to rule this house before Uranus was discovered).

Uranus stays about 7 years in the same sign. At the moment he is passing pisces and will start to enter aries in 2011.

Central themes: Ideals, individual freedom, equality, social engagement, independence, sudden changes, 'the liberator', 'the rebel', electricity.
Body: Ankles, nervous system, hypophysis, tensions and release of tensions, rhythm.
Character of diseases associated:
Sudden diseases, an accident, a circulatory problem, a problem with the back, or a spasm condition.
Plants: Orchids
Minerals: Turquoise, chrysocolla, aquamarine.
Metal: Uranium, Platinum, Aluminium.
Colours: Green, electric, sky and metallic blue.
Archetype: The fool




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