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Planetary Healing by ExistenceMarsMore music by Existence

Diameter: 6794 km (0.53 x the Earth's)
Distance from the Sun:
227.94 million km
Minimum / Macimum surface temperature:
-87 °C - -5 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac:

1.9 years
Mars has two moons and mainly consists of 95.7 % Carbon dioxide (CO2), 2.7 % Nitrogen (N) and 1.6 % Argon (Ar).
The red planet Mars is a small rocky body once thought to be very Earth-like. Like the other "terrestrial" planets - Mercury, Venus, and Earth - its surface has been changed by volcanism, impacts from other bodies, movements of its crust, and atmospheric effects such as dust storms. It has polar ice caps that grow and recede with the change of seasons. The Martian formation and change of the planet's volcanic crust seem to be vertical, with hot lava pushing upwards through the crust to the surface. Periodically, great dust storms engulf the entire planet. The effects of these storms are dramatic, including giant dunes, wind streaks, and wind-carved features.

Frequency: 144,72 Hz
Sound: Close to D
Effect: Vitalizing and energizing.
Body: Especially the region of the buttocks, the sexual organs as well as the head and third eye.
Chakra: Activates the third eye chakra (6th / Ajna chakra), will power, life force, single-mindedness, the male principle.

Mars was the Roman god of war. Initially the Roman god of fertility and vegetation and a protector of cattle, fields and boundaries, Mars later became associated with battle as the growing Roman Empire began to expand, and he was identified with the Greek god Ares.
Mars represents the energy and drive of a person; courage, determination, the freedom of spontaneous impulse. It also describes the readiness for action, the way one goes about doing things as well as simple aggression.
Star sign equivalent: Aries (fire element) - and Scorpio (water element) - together with Pluto.
Astrological house: 1st (Ascendent) - and 8th (together with Pluto). Mars stays about 2 months in the same sign.
Central themes: Willpower, endurance, energy, power of succession, straight forwardness, conflicts, taking risks, sexual energy, instincts, manifestation, passion, dynamic, aggression, young man, lover, warrior.
Body: Head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, migraine, adrenal glands & adrenalin, stress, iron in the blood, muscles, spots & pimples, rashes, excretory system & organs, nails, hair, gallbladder, arteries, blood, red blood cells, heat regulation, male sexual organs, disorders of sleep.
Character of diseases associated:
Cuts, injuries and bruises as well as fevers and inflammations with redness and heat, burning fevers, migraines, sores, burnings, blisters, sudden mad distempers in the head, stones both in the kidneys and bladder, scars, all hurts by iron, the shingles, and such other diseases as arise by abundance of too much choler, anger or passion.
Those that are red in colour, whose leaves are pointed and sharp, whose taste is caustic and burning. They grow in dry places, are corrosive and penetrate the flesh and bones with a subtle heat:

Nettles, thorn-bearing plants, arsenic, capers, cayenne, horseradish, onions, witch hazel, restharrow or cammock, devils-milk or petty spurge , white and red brambles, lingwort, onion, scammony, mustard-seed, leeks, dittander, hoarhound, hemlock, red sanders, tamarinds, castoreum, aresmart, assarum, carduus benedictus , cantharides.

Food plants: Practically all the "hot" foods, such as ginger, and peppers, radishes, spices, mustard, and those of strong taste such as the onion, garlic, etc., hops are also under Mars.
Flowers: The unusual and rather coarser bright flowers.
Trees: All trees that are prickly, such as the thorn, holly or chestnut.
Medical plants: Bryonia, hops.

Animals: Rams, birds of prey, stinging insects, scorpions, snakes, eagles.
Minerals: Brimstone, ruby, carnelian, garnet, ocre, adamant, hematite, loadstone, bloodstone, jasper, the many coloured amethyst, the touchstone, red lead or vermilion.
Metal: Iron
Colours: Red, yellow, fiery and shining and black.
Archetype: The heroe
Angel: Samael
Day of the week: Tuesday




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