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Wojciech Czemplik is an accomplished Polish violinist. Playing the violin since childhood he started his musical carreer in the late 70's on major festivals solo and in various groups.
With the band Stare Dobre Malzenstwo he developed a style of "singing poetry" music and has produced more than 20 albums, six gold and one platinum. Very well kown in Poland, they also gave concerts in the US, Germany, Spain and the Ukraine.

Wojciech Czemplik
Wojciech Czemplik

CDs with Wojciech Czemplik
at Costa Verde Production:
Planetary Healing by Existence - Music for meditation and relaxation Planetary
A musical voyage through the depth
of our magnificent solar systen!
Planetary Healing by Existence - Music for meditation and relaxation CELTIC SPHERE - Music For Inner Balance A secret path into an ancient world of myth and harmony!
Mantra - Spiritual World music by Existence Mantra Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World
Inner Realm - Music for meditation and relaxation INNER REALM - Music For Inner Balance Discover with Margot Reisinger your very own source of healing and meditation.

Wojciech Czemplik

Classic music by Wojciech Czemplik and the project Musica Sacro Montana, available at
Swietogórski Chór Palestrina
Melodies for violin and organ
Swetogorskiej Pani
instrumental music
Wojciech Czemplik - violin
Tomasz Sowiski - organ
Jakub Kasperski and Krzysztof Lesniewski - guitar

Since 2005 Wojciech is the art director of the project "Musica Sacro Montana", sponsored by Channel One Radio Poland, the culture ministry and the president of the parliament. On annual festivals the rediscovered barock compositions from the famous Oratory of St. Philipo Neri in Gostyn are performed.

CDs by Stare Dobre Malzenstwo with Wojciech Czemplik, available at



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