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is the name of a project founded by Margot Reisinger. It joins world musicians from different styles and cultures to find a musical expression for unity, hope, peace and freedom for all mankind.

With great insight, technical skill and creative cooperation Existence creates organic new music.

Thus the fascination and attraction between different cultures, styles and tempers brings forth a unique variety of musical masterpieces. 

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Qi•Chi•Ki A meditative voyage to the Far East, exploring the source of vital energy and concentration
Like A Shot Through The Heart A new and very personal path into the spirit of the Native American culture
Dahmani The splendour and magic of an Oriental journey
Heart - Beat - Meditation
Mystic beats and sacred Mantras expressing the powerful and alife Spirit of Tibet
Planetary Healing A musical voyage through the depth of our magnificent solar system with a Bonus CD with the pure, meditative sounds of Tibetan Planetary Singing Bowls
Mantra by Existence Mantra Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World


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