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Planetary Healing by ExistenceEarthMore music by Existence

Diameter: 12 756.28 km
Rotation: 29.8 km/s
Distance from the Sun:
149.598 million km
Surface temperature: -88 °C - +58 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac:
1 year
The Earth, our home planet, is the third planet from the Sun, the fifth largest in this solar system and the only planet known to harbour life. A thin layer of atmosphere separates this life from the uninhabitable void of space. Earth is a constantly changing world created by the interaction of air, water, land, and life - including human beings.

On this CD you will find 4 different sounds related to the Earth:
The Day sound:
Corresponds to the period of time in which the earth rotates once around itself (earth day).
Frequency: 194,18 Hz
Sound: Close to G
Effect: Strongly vitalizing, grounding.
Body: From the soles up to the buttocks.
Chakra: Activates the root chakra (1st / Muladhara chakra).
The OM sound:
Corresponds to the period of time in which the earth orbits once around the sun (earth year).
Frequency: 136,10 Hz
Sound: Close to Cis
Effect: Relaxing, calming, opening, balancing, helps letting go, opens the heart.
Body: Around the heart, thymus gland.
Chakra: Activates the heart chakra (4th / Anahata chakra).
The Platonic year:
Corresponds to the rotation movement of the earth.
Frequency: 172,06 Hz
Sound: Close to F
Effect: Liberation through clarity and cheerfulness, connecting with cosmic unity.
Body: The region above the top of the head.
Chakra: Activates the crown chakra (7th / Sahasrar chakra) and the principles of spiritual awakening, cosmic wisdom.
As fourth Earth tone - although not part of the "classic planet sounds" related to Hans Cousto's calculation, exists the
The Hopi - Heart sound:
This sound is based on the ancient wisdom of the Hopis, a North American Indian tribe.
Frequency: 164,80 Hz
Sound: E
Effect: Experiencing and integrating our feelings and emotions, self love and acceptance.
Body: The region of the heart.
Chakra: Activates the heart chakra (4th / Anahata chakra).

As home and origin of humanity, the earth has often been worshiped in its own right with its own unique spiritual traditions.

Images of women representing mother earth, and mother nature, are timeless. The idea that the fertile earth itself is female and nurturing mankind, was represented by godesses such as Gaia - Greek goddess of the earth, the sumerian Tiamat "The mother of life", Eve / Heva (Hebrew culture), Jord or Nanna (Norway), Papatuanuku (Maori), Pachamama (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile),Tonantzin Tlalli (Mexico), Gayatri (India) and many others.

"Beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men..."
(an Algonquin legend).

Since Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) we know, that the sun, not the earth, is the center of our planetary (heliocentric) system.

The astrological perspective though relates to the planets as seen from the earth. Thus the earth is found in the middle of an astrological chart, but is not subject to any further interpretation.

In the same way as we can only see ourselves when we look into a mirror, the planets provide a mirror, a tool for interpreting what is happening on earth.

Earth as an element:
Many ancient philosophies used a set of archetypal classical elements to explain patterns in nature.
The Greek classical elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. These deeply influenced European thought and culture. The 'element' concept though is much older in the Far East, and was widely disseminated in India, China and Japan, where it forms the basis of both Buddhism and Hinduism.
In numerology
the number 4 symbolizes matter, earth. On the earth we find many aspects relating to this number.
4 elements (in western culture), 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), 4 directions (north, south, east, west), 4 humours (phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic, sanguine).
Colours: Brown, blue, green, earth tones




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