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Planetary Healing by ExistenceSunMore music by Existence

Diameter: 1.391 million km (109 x the Earth's)
Distance from the Earth:
149.6 million km
Surface temperature: 5500 °C
Period of time to pass the whole zodiac: 1 year (365.25 days)
The Sun mainly consists of hydrogen (H) and helium (He).
The Sun, a huge sphere of mostly ionized gas, supports life on Earth. It powers photosynthesis in green plants, and is ultimately the source of all food and fossil fuel. The connection and interactions between the Sun and Earth drive the seasons, ocean currents, weather, and climate. The sunlight needs about 8 minutes to reach the Earth.

Frequency: 126,22 Hz
Sound: Between B and C
Effect: Strengthening the energy and life force, providing strength and security.
Body: Solar plexus
Chakra: Activates the solar plexus chakra (3rd / Manipura chakra) and the principle of inner balance and centeredness.

Greek mythology:
Helios, the sun, Apollon, sun of Zeus and Leto, mighty God of light, the arts, healing and wisdom.
The inner Self and core theme of a person.
Star sign equivalent: Leo (fire element)
Astrological house: 5th. The Sun stays about 1 month in the same sign.
Central themes: Yang principle (together with Mars), mind, awareness, self esteem, will power, activity, life force, dynamism, self-realization, creativity, radiance, the future, warmth, enthusiasm, courage, optimism, male principle, the father.
Body: Heart, back, spinal cord, blood circulation, solar plexus, oxygen system, diseases of expansion and excess (also Jupiter)
Character of diseases associated:
Heart and spine disorders, pimples in the face, palpitations or trembling, any diseases of the brain or heart, timpanies, infirmities of the eyes, cramps, bad breath.
Heliotropes, marigolds, sunflowers, golden or large & showy flowers, oranges, saffron, nutmeg.

The plants subject to the Sun smell pleasantly, are of good flavour, their flowers are yellow or reddish, are in growth of majestical form, they love open and sunny places, their principal virtue is to strengthen the heart and comfort the vitals, to clear the eyesight, resist poison, or to dissolve any witchery, or malignant planetary influences:
Saffron, the laurel, the pomecitron, the vine, enula campana, Saint John's wort, amber, musk, herbgrace, balm, marigold, rosemary, rosa solis, cinnamon, celandine, eyebright, peony, barley, cinquefoil, spikenard, lignum aloes, arsenic.

Food plants: Rice, honey, ginger, and aromatic herbs, as used for flavouring
Flowers: Marigold, sunflower, peonies, etc.
Trees: The bay, walnut and palm, ash, laurel tree, the myrrh tree, frankincense, the cane tree or plant, the cedar, heletrepion, the orange and lemon tree.
Medical plants: Chamomile, rosemary, eyebright

Animals: Lions, peacocks
Minerals: Hyacinth, chrysolite, adamant, carbuncle, oligoclas ("sun stone"), etites stone found in eagle's nests, ruby
Metal: Gold
Colours: Yellow, the colour of gold, orange, scarlet, clear red
Archetype: The Father
Angel: Michael
Day of the week: Sunday




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