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Planetary Healing by ExistencePlanetary Healing by Existence

About the planets in general
Astrology, together with astronomy,
is one of the oldest sciences of mankind. Scientists observed and interpreted from the earth the planets’ movements in the night sky.

Eight major planets are known to orbit around the sun: Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is considered a dwarf planet. Many of these planets have one or more moons. For astrology though only the earth’s moon plays a major role.

To find an orientation in the sky, early Babyloneans developed the system of the zodiac and it's 12 star signs. These signs are bright fix star groups that lie far beyond our planetary system. They appear to be without movement due to the long distance and thus form a stable background to make the planetary movement visible. From the geocentric perspective the sun needs one year to pass every single sign of the zodiac.

Planetary sounds
and the "Cosmic Octave"
The specific sounds of Planetary Singing Bowls correspond to the "Cosmic Octave", a theory developed by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto in 1978. He discovered a simple mathematical way to link different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather and colors with musical rhythms and tones.
His method, though fairly new, has already become the basis of many holistic medical aproaches. Musicians, therapists and instrument-makers are working with the sounds of Cousto's "Cosmic Octave" and the audible frequencies of the planets.




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