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Tenzin Dhargay, known as artist Phenpo Tendhar was born in 1964 to a noble
Tibetan family of thangka artists and he keeps this tradition in the 9th generation.
He was trained in the Men-Nying thangka painting tradition with his father and worked with seven grandmaster artists at great historical places such as the Potala, Norbulingka and the monasteries of Sera, Ganden, Tashi Lunpo and others.

Due to the worsened political situation he was forced to escape from Tibet to Nepal
in 1987 where he met His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for the first time in
Dharmsala. It was for him personally, that he completed a big thangka of the Medicine Buddha Mandala among other works.

His exceptionally fine paintings became famous among Tibetan Buddhists worldwide.
Beside his painting Phenpo Tendhar is also a gifted composer and singer with great love for traditional Tibetan music and collector of the tunes of ancient Tibetan masters.
He performs live and has already published 3 solo albums.


CDs with Phenpo Tendhar
at Costa Verde Production
Heart - Beat - Meditation

Tibet - Heart Beat Meditation - World music, Asia - by Existence
Mystic beats and sacred Mantras expressing the poweful and alife Spirit of Tibet

Mantra - Spiritual World music by Existence
Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World
Light of Asia - Music for Inner Balance

Light of Asia - Music for Inner Balance by Margot Reisinger
The LIGHT OF ASIA - the light of Spirituality...

Further CDs with Phenpo Tendhar, but not available in this store:
Cyap Dro: Taking Refuge

With Ani Choying Drolma, Tenzin Dhargay and other artists
Remembering the Emperor

Solo album, released in Nepal 2004
Tsedung kyi Bhalab - Passionate Wave of Love

Solo album
Tsedung Kyi Drebu

Tsering Gyurmey , Phurbu T.Namgyal, Tenzin Dhargay and other artists



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