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Dahmani was born in the Casbah, the heart of Algiers, the white city, which in his youth was still a place of Oriental magic and splendor.

In the streets and bazaars Dahmani listened to storytellers and the tunes of the loud, ney and Darbouka. Love and longing for music were deeply rooted in his soul, and supported by the musical tradition of his family.

Times changed, and Algeria went through a troublesome period of revolution and turmoil. Young Dahmani was forced to support his family in these insecure times, and became a government official (customs officer).

But music remained his passion, however, and he began performing in local clubs. The reaction of his audiences was very enthusiastic, and friends urged him to focus entirely on his art and to pursue a musical career. He quit his job and founded the group RAMSES.

When the political situation in Algeria calmed down, cultural life flourished again, and a young generation of musicians created new musical styles, combining traditional sounds and rhythms with elements of pop and dance music. In this atmosphere, Dahmani's group Ramses became quite a success, their concerts filling
whole stadiums.

Alain Dahmani

Alain Dahmani

The group separated in 1995, and Dahmani started a solo career. Marriage to a French wife opened doors to France and Europe. He gave many concerts and TV performances in France, Algeria, Morocco and the Emirates.

In 2000, he recorded the album "Alahambra" with Margot Reisinger and many other famous musicians, such as Paco Jarana (Spain), Miguel Herstein (Israel), Federica Pietro (Italy), Carl El (USA), and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London. It was released by Warner Music.

In Dahmani's songs, sensuous moments of joy, longing, hope, and passion for the beauty of the Arabian culture are combined with a deeply affecting apprehension and grief about the political climate and living conditions of his fellow people.

Dahmani`s life and work as an artist is dedicated to creating a world of peace and tolerance. Through his music he speaks to the heart of all people expressing the richness of the Arabian culture and a longing for inner freedom and happiness.

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Dahmani - World music, Arab - with Existence Dahmani
The splendour and magic of an Oriental journey
Dahmani - World music, Arab - with Existence Mantra
Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World

On track "Allah Hay" on the album MANTRA by Existence Dahmani intones the Arabic names of God, creating a mystic atmosphere of Islamic spirituality.




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